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Masterstroke, Sc.3: Blond Slut Gets Manhandled Into An Arse-Splitting Black Fuck!

4.3/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 02/December/2018
Duration: 25 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Having seen Lucas Drake handle black cock before, you get the impression that the boy is actually pleasantly surprised when he unexpectedly finds himself at the behest of Master XXL’s sexual demands; but to be honest it’s not too long before the young pup is probably thinking that this is one situation that might be just out of his control. For there’s simply no denying Master’s dominance in this raunchy set-piece, with the handsome white boy quite literally forced down on that ebony ramrod without so much as a please or thank you.

That said, our ever sexually ferocious beaut puts on a terrific show, gobbling away at the thick schlong like a common whore; and even smearing a very generous blast of oil all over his rear in anticipation of the inevitable fuck to come. Yet the look on Drake’s face as Master finally thrusts the entire length of that meaty mamba up his arse is priceless, with the pretty boy left almost on the brink of shouting out for the action to stop. Not that that’s ever in Drake’s character, of course; and having accustomed his guts to the primal invasion puts on another class act. All of which culminates in him gobbling away as Master empties his sac on his face!