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The morning after

4.3/5 (Total votes: 11)


Blake Reed, Jimmy Call, Joe Pares

Added: 27/January/2012
Duration: 23 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Oh yes, we’ve all been there – the morning after the night before. Whether we actually wake up to discover some horny twink next to us (as happens here to Joe Parkes and Jimmy Call) is quite another matter, of course; but in this instance neither boy looks set to turn down the opportunity to engage in some rather hard-hitting cock-sucking and ass-munching to start the day. The sudden arrival of Blake Reed onto the scene only adds to the intensity of the occasion. This young blond has got an insatiable desire to be spit-roasted – a wish that the two other lads are only too willing and able to fulfil, as they each take turns to fuck that pert little rump of his. Neither does he object when Parkes and Call empty their balls all over him – in Call’s case, quite spectacularly! Some Emo boys, it seems, really are as filthy as you’ve always hoped they were …