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Life’s a bitch – but it feels good!

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Sam Sorthy

Added: 19/January/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone’s choice of “Mr. Right” is gonna be different, but it’s clear that young Sam Sorthy likes his man to be decidedly mean and moody. Which is pretty much why handsome young stud, Damian Dickey, is just his cup of tea. Bad-tempered and not adverse to using ask when the need arises, Dickey – a buff, tattooed jock – returns home to vent his frustrations on his meek, mild-mannered boyfriend. Cue a hot session of angst-driven fornication, with a passionate session of 69-ing ultimately resulting in Sorthy being fucked over the sofa. In short, a fabulously energetic start to this “bitch” themed escapade, which leaves Sorthy feeling the sort of high-octane satisfaction that only a man like Dickey can provide.

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