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Hot, frisky boy gets gang-banged big time

4.0/5 (Total votes: 9)
Added: 19/January/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


Jay Selman’s very much the star of the show in this final, cum-soaked frenzy of a scene – which, given the amount of cock on display here, really is something of a major achievement. After all, this boy proves himself to be an unmistakable whore from beginning to end, sucking off the likes of Neil Cross and Julien Heath, who gang up on the poor fellow like a group of wild animals. Not that this pack’s ever gonna be truly satisfied with just a bit of oral stimulation. No, they’re as horny as young guys can possibly be, and aren’t really happy until they’re taking turns fucking Selman’s eager little hole – on occasion two at a time! The result is an iconic display of the total violation of one young man, as he’s systematically buggered and abused like you wouldn’t believe. His screen-buddies, for their part, seem barely able to contain their enthusiasm – and who the fuck can blame them?! – so it’s really no surprise at all when they begin to coat his body with baby-batter. Arguably the most lasting image, however, is that of Selman laid out on his back, with his legs open in the air, as cock after cock dumps its load in his butt-hole. Little wonder he shoots the contents of his own tight cum-sac all over his own face! Totally perverse – but utterly inspired!

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