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Double-Dicked Recession? Milan Sharp’s Ass Takes Every Inch! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 47)
Duration: 21 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not entirely convinced that it’s everyone’s idea of the ultimate fantasy, but Milan Sharp sure as fuck seems to get off on being carried into the bedroom by fellow wrestlers Denis Reed and Damien Dickey. Of course it’s probably the fact that the lad has his hands tied together that gives the entrance that little extra sexual punch, and indeed Sharp’s prompt release by his assailants seems only to kick proceedings up a notch or two still further.

Hence a spirited display of cock-sucking from our monster hung darling, which quickly develops into a fiery bareback spit-roasting as Dickey ploughs into Sharp’s hungry little ass. More dick slurping follows, but again it’s not long before Sharp’s getting his hole banged once again by raw hard dick, this time sat on Reed’s lap. And that sets the scene nicely for what we’ve all been waiting for, namely the sight of Sharp getting crudely double-dicked by his two buddies.

Believe us, this is something you don’t wanna miss for a second, and will have you tugging on your own cock like crazy in appreciation. But if you think that’s hot, wait until Sharp’s face gets splattered with jizz! No fuckin’ wonder he spews like a geyser at the very end.

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