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Big Black Cock Anyone? Tim Law Proves His Slut Credentials By Taking Every Rock Hard Inch! HD

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Added: 02/July/2013
Duration: 18 minutes, 32 seconds
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Some secrets just can’t be kept secret for long – Devon LeBron’s mammoth dick being one of them! – which perhaps explains why young Tim Law is so keen to get to know our Dominican sex-god when the two fellows encounter each other in the local park. Fact is, a total cock slut like Law is quite simply left gasping at the sheer prospect of getting his mouth (not to mention his ass) around that whopper; though in all fairness LeBron’s ramrod is so fucking massive that it’s almost impossible for a lad like Law to fit it into his mouth.

All that said, we’re pleased to confirm that the horny little bottom doesn’t have the same problem when it comes to accommodating the big black beast between his butt cheeks! No doubt about it, the sight of Law being pushed to the limit by LeBron’s oversized mamba is the stuff of an instant classic; not least of all when the lad quite literally sits on the thick, meaty staff and rides the weapon like the total bitch we all know he is.

Poor Law might as well be sitting on a fucking tree-stump as resting his ass on that colossal beauty, and it’s little wonder that he’s soon jerking himself off in response. Nevertheless, it’s LeBron’s own pyrotechnic climax that warrants the ultimate acclaim; before the black master thrusts his cum-soaked cock back into Law’s pucker to whitewash the sweet twink’s hole!