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Futsal Flings, Sc.3: Sporting Buddies Take On A Spunky Flip-Flopping Fuck Break! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 04/March/2018
Duration: 23 minutes, 55 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s one of the classic gay porn scenarios – a young man with muscular strain that needs some attention – and director, John Smith, shows no shame in giving it another airing in this delightful set-piece between Ron Negba and new recruit, Michal Tovi. Then again, of course, can us fans ever really tire of seeing lads in their kits getting down and dirty when the play on the pitch becomes too much? Certainly we defy our followers not to be enamoured of Negba as he blatantly encourages his mate to rub his aching thigh; before the two buddies fall into an open-mouthed smooch, and Tovi removes his shirt prior to taking a distinct dive into Negba’s shorts.

Not to be outdone, Negba is soon replicating the favour on his teammate’s handsome joystick; and the feeling of egalitarianism continues when both mates slip into 69-position so that they can simultaneously enjoy the feel of hard dick in their mouths. What’s more, in the clear spirit of caring and sharing, the action quickly moves into a flip-flopping fuckfest – their mutual love of cock appearing to shadow their decision to agree on a draw in the footballing action that kicked things off. First Tovi pounds away at Negba’s seemingly ever-insatiable fuck-hole; then the action switches round so that Negba can thrust his raw shaft deep into Tovi’s pucker in return. It’s a fucking furious presentation that will almost certainly have you jerking like fury; and it’ll come to no surprise to anyone that Tovi is soon spewing in all directions as a result. All of which is perfectly topped off by Negba delivering a spot-on jizzing of his buddy’s hot slit!

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oh man ey wie hübsch ist der neue michal....vollsüß wie er lächelt und so geile sau...

Chris, 04/March/2018

I'm wrapping up a 30 day membership and this will surely be my last "new" scene. I'm thrilled that it includes a new model, as my 30 day menu has featured plenty of double, triple, and quadruple appearances by the same models (Abir, Max Grey-2 each, Orri Gaul-3, Charlie Keller, Lior Hood, Rob Negba-4 each). Not complaining about any of them, just suggest they be spread out more in upcoming scenes. And now my final review. Cute opening, mysterious music. Ah, the old injured team-mate ruse: classic. "Can I have a look under your shorts?" -- winning smile and mischievous eyes. Kissing came on abruptly and none too passionately -- let's see some tongues, boys. Mutual fondess seems to grow a little as the shorts come down. Our first view of Michal's cock is encouraging, and I like the close-cropped pubes. Blowjobs: routine (nice when Ron looked up at Michal). 69: I liked those lean, smooth bodies in profile at 7:58. 9:50 they rise from 69ing and Ron presents his hole. Valiant rimming attempt for Michal: he wasn't faking it. Ron's asshole is sexy AF. Michael looks good topping at 13:00, but passion/chemistry are still below the radar. Nice mutual caresses. ATM appeared to be real. 18:40 Ron penetrates Michal missionary w/o reciprocating any rimming or other asshole preparation. Intensity/passion still at about 2 out of 5, and never got any higher. Orgasms were fine, and Michal's cream-covered hole was a delightful sight. Lighting, camera work are fine througout. Very quiet -- not much chit-chat or moaning, but it had a secretive quality that was interesting -- almost as if these lads were afraid of being caught in the act. A competent but uninspired offering. I'd give it a 3 but in deference to Michal's debut I'll give it 4/5. Michal is adorable and I bet he'll do great things (but please -- let's not see him again for a month or so). I'm delighted to now have Michal Tovi's first scene on my hard drive, and I look forward to seeing his growth in months to come when I activate my Staxus account again.

Ty Huber, 04/March/2018

Ron is such an Alpha Twink. He could tear me a new asshole anytime...

dr, 04/March/2018

Es ist echt der Wahnsinn, dieser Michal ist sowas zu hundert Prozent mein Typ...der Moment ab 1:37 wo mein sein hübsches Face und seine funkelnden Augen sieht ließ mich schon mehrfach explodieren. Wie gerne würde ich meine Nase mal in seine verschwitzte Ritze nach dem Sport drücken...Danke Staxus, tausendfach

Chris, 04/March/2018

Michal is yet another very sexy and delicious model. He performs really great. The rimming of Ron's beautiful puckered asshole is just heaven to see. Ron squeezes it open delightfully, and Michal licks it like he really enjoys it. It gets more difficult for me to hold my own ejaculation until the end. It's just all so exciting. The fucking is just perfect, and I do love flip flop scenes. Loved seeing Ron fucking Michal's hairless hole. And such a sexy hole also! It looked like Michal's hole could have done with a good licking too!

Ryan, 05/March/2018

@Ryan...every word you wrote and if you wanna translate my german comment above...I am totally with you I couldn`t hold my cum till the end as I saw Michal just at the beginning at 1:37...his beautiful eyes and later both dicks of them...I would have licked to put my face into Michals sweaten butt and be buried in it...

Chris, 05/March/2018

Very hot guys. But sadly I must say that I have cancelled my membership, been a member for several years, the boys are prettier than ever but creativity is lacking, it's just one scene after another with two pretty boys having sex, which isn't really exciting and new. Bring on the toys, fisting, monster cocks, black guys, oil, domination, leather, skull fucking, spanking well all things that makes a scene stand out. Two pretty boys having sex doesn't cut it for me.

biggerthebetter, 05/March/2018

nice scene hot boys. i would like also to see some pissing scenes. maybe also some guys walking naked with their dick swinging between his legs before they start fucking.

eric24, 05/March/2018

I guess it shows that we're all different, biggerthebetter, but to me two pretty boys having sex like this is exactly what I love to see

CM, 10/March/2018

Nice scene. I like flip-flop scenes and more or less demand it in real life. I too am perfectly content with two-pretty-boys-fucking videos. The older videos have more talking and sexual vocalizations, which I like, as well, as long as it's natural and not manufactured. Talking much just doesn't seem to be the fashion now. It doesn't have to be deep, just, "fuck me daddy!" kind of chatter. I don't mind a story or costumes, the important part of props and stuff is if it helps the actors get more into it.

GaryHerbert, 18/March/2018

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