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New-Look Angel Proves He’s A Cock-Loving Devil In Disguise! (Snow Balls Scene #2) HD

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Duration: 17 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


In keeping with the wintry theme, young Frenchman, Gabriel Angel, is sporting a new blond look, but if anything that seems to encourage new boy, Will Hornet, all the more. In fact, Hornet’s down on his pal’s dick within what seems like just a few seconds of the two guys meeting – a move that Angel himself is then only too keen to emulate. But it’s clear from early on that it’s Angel’s pert little butt that’s gonna be the star of this performance; and, having had chance to say hi to each other by exchanging blow-jobs, Hornet’s taking full advantage of the Gallic lad’s ripe, eager button and rimming Angel for all he’s worth.

The odd slap on the blond boy’s ass underlines the point, for Hornet’s the dominant party in this escapade – a point that’s then emphasised when the fellow buries his hard, uncut dick deep inside the young lad’s guts. Angel’s initial reaction is arguable a little lazy – lying back with his eyes closed, taking everything that his new pal can throw at him. But if the youngster thinks that the newbie doesn’t have a point to prove in his first scene with STAXUS then he’s in for a rude awakening!

For Hornet soon has the guy riding that thick, meaty shaft of his cowboy-style, like a trained whore; before getting his whole body behind Angel and pounding the fellow’s tight ass with almost terrifying gusto! No small wonder that both buddies are soon creaming themselves off as a direct result – first Hornet into his mate’s mouth, then Angel over his own belly. A very fitting finale all round!

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