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Peter Aalen

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Model Stats:

If you’re looking for the heart and soul of the party, Peter will be the first to admit that you’re gonna have to look elsewhere. Truth is he comes from a rural part of Czechia, where the days are long and there really is no rush about anything. So it will probably come as no surprise to anyone that this is a boy who seems almost unnaturally relaxed about pretty much everything. You won’t be amazed to hear, then, that time-keeping is not his strongest point, and that turning up late to a shoot isn’t beyond his abilities!

Interesting Fact:
Peter is a decidedly quiet boy – the kind who enjoys his own company as much as the company of fellow models, and who finds pleasure from going to the gym, sticking earphones into his ears, and exercising to his favourite music ... a mix of 80's soul and modern funk.

Date of birth:
8th May, 1997

6'1" / 185 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 18 cm