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Colin Horner

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Model Stats:

It was a friend of a friend who introduced young Colin to the idea of making a bit of money by performing for STAXUS, but in point of fact the idea of doing porn had already crossed his mind before that point. He admits he can be a bit of an undisciplined individual where money’s concerned, with the ability to always spend more than he has, so this additional sideline will definitely come in handy. Plus it will also give him a little bit of ready cash to help add to his collection of medals, ensignias and flags.

Interesting Fact:
Colin has a bit of an avid interest in history and boasts a collection of military memorabilia, some of which he hopes will be worth a little bit of money in years to come. He admits that his passion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak; and is even thinking of signing up for the army himself if he doesn’t achieve the college grades that he wants.

Date of birth:
5th February 1999

5'9" / 175 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 18 cm