No doubt about it, Davor Gigo is not the sort of guy to be messed with – as young Nicolas Cruz discovers when he finds himself gagged and tied to a chair in the dapper-dressed mobster’s mysterious underground bunker. Why, before Cruz has had chance to protest at his predicament, Gigo has thrust his thick, aching cock into his mate’s mouth, promptly face-fucking Cruz and looking every inch the menacing monster in the process.

It’s most definitely the stuff of nightmares – or should that be daydreams? – for this horny pup, who immediately responds to the uninvited attention by slurping on Gigo’s knob-end like his very life depended on it. Interestingly enough, however, what the horny, cropped-haired Gigo wants from his victim is some hard-dicked attention; and it’s with curious enthusiasm that he asks Cruz to take him from behind for a rampant session of raw sex, which ultimately concludes with Gigo riding cock cowboy-style and spurting like a trooper in the process.

All before he takes Cruz’s erupting shaft between his lips to allow his face to be coated in hot jizz!