In life, as they say, one thing always leads to another, so it’s perhaps not at all surprising that Jack Cameron’s work behind the camera should eventually lead him to this, a wanton five cock suck-and-fuck-athon that’ll have you jerking your meat to ecstasy time and time again. It actually begins as a two set escapade, with Sergey Vorobev and Amir Waltr making out in a sauna whilst Nick Kelson and Aslan Brutti take on Cameron himself in the room immediately beyond. But it’s not at all long before Vorobev and Waltr have joined the other lads to add an almost immeasurable synergy to the occasion. What follows is exactly the kind of gross perversion you were always warned about as the boys suck, lick and rim like a pack of moral-free alley-cats, before bottle-blond Kelson takes each bare dick up his ass in swift succession. Clearly this is a lad for whom monogamy is never, ever gonna work, and who’s not really content until every cock in the room has erupted all over his chest, crotch and (of course) his face! It’s filthy, it’s disgusting, it’s everything that’s wrong with today’s promiscuous society – but geez, you’ll be spurting over and over again!!