You can always rely on a policeman to help you out when you’re lost and need to be shown directions – but whether it’s the kind of help that you anticipated and whether you actually end up where you wanted to go is a completely different matter, as young blond, Kade Montana, discovers when he asks police officers Evan Zero and Matthias Mann for assistance. Before he knows it this innocent young fellow is being bundled into a room and having his hands and feet bound up with rope.

It’s not the Metropolitan’s usual method of enquiry, that’s for sure; but the youngster barely gets to utter a word of protest before the two officers of the Queen are pushing him down onto his knees so that he can suck their thick, manly cocks. The sight of this young beauty being so wickedly abused will almost certainly have you jerking off in no time; as will that of seeing the pup having his cute little ass cheeks spanked with a belt and parted!

But take care not to miss the moment when both officers proceed to fuck the spotty-faced darling over a stairwell, which results in the lad spewing a hefty load of jizz; before both policeman take turns to help Montana’s teenage acne with a generous deposit of their own. Totally filthy – and utterly fabulous!