With absolutely no disrespect intended to director Michael Burling, it’s pretty damn obvious that this scene’s gonna score big time even before the lads have left the field after the game and headed for the locker-room. After all, it’s a veritable cornucopia of gay sporting fantasy. What’s more, it includes some of the sexiest, horniest Brit twinks in the business – boys that you could quite easily fall in love with there and then, and whose sexual antics you could easily watch forever without ever tiring.

Picking a favourite from the five lads is a somewhat difficult task given that all the boys are as cute as new buttons and decidedly blessed on the cock front; but Luke Desmond’s dick is (as always) an unmistakable monster, which in this instance gives young Drake Law’s ass a real good workout, whilst Aaron Aurora’s spit-roasting at the hands (or more accurately the cocks!) of Skylar Blu and Jonny Parker serves as a truly unforgettable focal point to the debauchery.

There’s always gonna be someone who quibbles otherwise, but we defy the vast majority not to have dumped a generous wad long before these boys declare a wrap with their cascade of jizz!