It’s tough being a crime scene investigator, but (as they always say) someone’s gotta do it! Besides, Rudy Valentino’s job comes with certain perks – not least of all the fact that he gets to sleep with Will Jones, a horny, cock-lusty fiend, who just can’t wait to get inside Valentino’s snug-fitting pants at the very earliest opportunity. Mind, who can blame the boy?

Anyone who knows young Rudy knows what kind of package he’s got stuffed in those briefs, and it’s with a decided drool that Jones leans down to suck the monster into life. An act of adoration that’s quickly reciprocated as the two lads enjoy a hardcore session of 69-ing that’ll have you quickly reaching into your own pants. Don’t fire your gun too quickly though – the exquisite act of raw penetration that follows is a truly unforgettable exploration of man-to-man cock-combat, with Jones riding Valentino’s shaft like a veritable pro, not to mention a total whore!

It’s the sight of the young investigator’s ass bouncing up and down as he ploughs Jones’s hole (and as Timmy Taylor watches) that will really help you blow, however – not to mention seeing Valentino then cumming in his lover’s ass. Sheer bliss!