He might not be quite as young as he was, but there’s no questioning the fact that Zack Hood is still very much a major player in front of the camera, with the kind of physique that most of us would surely die for. Certainly Brad Fitt, a horny blond twink, finds himself completely overawed by Hood’s overbearing personality, immediately falling into line the moment that Hood barks his orders and pushes the sweet, pert beauty into a session of sweaty, hard-hitting exercises.

It’s at this point that you first begin to recognise and appreciate the contrast between these two guys, with Fitt proving as delicate and fresh-faced as Hood is robust and thick-set; and we defy anyone not to be overcome by the sight of Hood pushing his partner onto the bonnet of his jeep so that he can rim the boy’s hungry, hairless pucker.

Needless to say it isn’t at all long before Hood’s tongue has been replaced by his thick, raw bell-end, signalling the start of a stupendous session of outdoor fornication that ultimately sees Fitt spurting like a geyser mid-fuck and Hood squirting merrily over the twink’s pretty face. If all that doesn’t get you pumping a load of hot jizz then we don’t know what will!