You really can’t beat a boy in speedos – budgie smugglers, as our Australian friends would teasingly describe them – so is it any wonder that young blond wonder, Justin Conway, reacts the way that he does when he sees Jim Jones in the changing rooms? Why it’s almost like watching a lion pounce on its prey as he eagerly bounds through the door and slaps the youngster on the ass.

No doubt about it, Conway’s hungry for some hardcore action – and, given Jones’s response to the sudden intrusion, it’s obvious that he meets a willing subject. Before you know it, Jones is down on the floor and tugging his admirer’s aching dick from their trunks, signalling the start of a truly terrific set-piece that’ll have you jacking off like a sex-starved tom cat! How can we be so sure? Well because these two lads are clearly up for it big time, 69-ing each other on the floor before Conway rims Jones’s hairless ass-hole over the sink.

And then the climax to proceedings, as Conway powers his handsomely curved knob deep into his mate’s pucker; before both guys return to the floor to fire the contents of their balls over each other’s faces. In short, a fuckin’ spunky firecracker all round!