With all the close bodily contact that’s involved in the pursuit of their sport, it’s no fuckin’ wonder that cute twink, Tim Law, and his muscular rival, Marty Love, feel increasingly horny during the course of their latest bout in the ring. Indeed, professional rivalry is soon eclipsed by private passion, as Law slips down to indulge in a very personal round of cock-sucking that’ll leave you crying out for more!

As it happens, fellatio is a somewhat hastened affair in this scene – Law’s appetite for cock is such that he quite literally cannot wait to mount his pal’s meaty uncut ramrod and to give it the kind of ride that’ll quite probably have you dumping a load there and then. But don’t be in this cutie’s hurry. What follows here is a terrific session of ass-bangin’ par excellence, as Law literally gets pummelled and pounded in every direction.

On his front, on his back, from behind, from on top – this fresh-faced beauty takes every blow that Love can muster, and it almost comes as a relief when he finally splurges all over his own belly. The highlight, however, follows immediately after, as alpha-guy Love jizzes all over Law’s hungry pucker then rams the thick gooey shaft deep inside!