We all remember it happening – you’re trying hard to do a bit of study in some quiet, private place at school, when along comes some cute and very horny twink who’s got time on his hands and who’s hell bent for leather on getting your cock out so that he can have a fun time. Oh okay, so maybe nothing like that every happened to you during your school days – ain’t life a bitch?! – but given Rudy Valentino’s reaction to Matt Laughton’s approach here you’d almost think it was all part of the course.

Then again, given that this is Valentino we’re talking about here, maybe it is. Needless to say, Valentino’s soon downing his book, allowing his fellow student to engage in a lengthy but very satisfying oral escapade on that handsome ramrod; culminating in the newcomer sitting down on Valentino’s lap and thrusting himself back onto that same thick dick.

Up until this point, of course, Valentino’s role in proceedings has been decidedly passive; but all that now changes as he pummels Laughton’s ass-hole like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s no small wonder that the bottom is soon spewing all over his own belly in appreciation. That only leaves for Valentino to return the favour by dumping a far-from-inconsequential wad all over his classmate’s chest. Ace!