Adrian Smallwood loves his music and dreams of being a singer. But, as quickly becomes apparent when he realises that Zac Todd’s in the room, he doesn’t love it quite as much as he loves getting his cock sucked! Well let’s face it, that’s the only reasonable explanation that you can come to given the manner with which he tosses his music-player aside in the opening couple of minutes of this scorching little number.

Still, whilst the lad’s singing voice is certainly not the worst that you’ve probably ever heard, we’ve a reasonable suspicion that it’s not the part of him that you’re keen to see exercised! As such, the immediate revelation of hard cocks from both lads will almost certainly be greeted with no small sense of relief from you, our ever-horny and demanding fans; and suffice it to say that we’re extremely confident that what follows will not disappoint.

Both Todd and Smallwood are clearly well up for some intimate play, feasting on each other’s dicks top-to-toe, before Smallwood eventually moves his attention to his mate’s balls and ass-hole. It’s a signal, of course, that both guys are more than eager and ready to copulate for your pleasure; and before you know it Todd’s getting his gaping love-chute stretched in a succession of positions. It’s no wonder then that he’s soon literally getting the spunk banged out of him; before Smallwood calls it a wrap by spurting all over his pal’s expectant face!