What is it about being in a locker-room that appears to send grown men into a lather of excitement? Of course, it probably has something to do with the copious amounts of naked flesh that always seem to be such an integral part of the gym scene, but even straight guys like the tattooed and muscular Dave Circus seem unable to avoid being similarly affected – as this scene amply demonstrates when the fellow encounters the comparatively lightweight Jordan Jacobs.

Fact is that Circus seems totally unable to resist making advances to the young twink, and before you know it Jacobs has responded to the advance by positioning himself right between the fellow’s beefy thighs so that he can feed off Circus’s dick. It’s a move that can only affect the stud in one way, and it comes as absolutely no surprise when Circus pushes Jacobs over a bench and begins to rim and finger the young chap’s ass in anticipation of the inevitable fuck that you just know is coming Jacobs’ way.

And come it does – big style! – as Circus promptly begins to bangs away at the lad’s relatively inexperienced (but extremely keen) hole, ultimately knocking the spunk out of the fellow in crude appreciation. It’s absolutely no wonder at all that the horny, over-sexed hunk is quickly reaching the point of no return, coating his mate’s chest in jizz in the process and no doubt leaving the rest of us almost gasping for breath.