Super twink, Brad Fitt, has a bit of a private fetish. Fact is, he just loves to creep into empty locker-rooms so that he can pilfer through whatever sweaty jockstraps have been left lying around by the studs at the gym. But today, however, his secret is about to be discovered – by none other than one of the very same studs whose underwear he loves to sniff!

Not surprisingly, Darius Ferdynand is clearly less than impressed to discover what’s going on; but being a sex-crazed, red-blooded male he quickly realises that Fitt’s quiet perversion can be put to some very good use, as he promptly pulls his meaty, uncut dick out of his shorts and thrusts it into the cute lad’s face. It’s a move that a guy like Fitt can only ever be trusted to respond to in one way, immediately slurping on the ramrod like a bitch on heat! As it happens, however, Ferdynand clearly has something of a secret of his own given how much he appears to relish his own subsequent oral workout on Fitt’s cock and ass a few minutes later.

Seems like he’s not as “straight” as he’d have people believe! All the same, he’s more than equipped to give young Fitt a hard-nosed hammering over the benches shortly afterwards, making the lad ride every swollen inch between his thighs. It’s a move that a dick-crazy slut like Fitt responds to in typical over-enthused style, and before long the blond-bombshell is spewing out a handsome load of jizz in appreciation. A move replicated by Ferdynand just a few moments later!