You’ve got to be something special to be able to hold your own – excuse the pun! – in a porn scene, but for young Billy Rubens a horny little solo poses no problem at all. Then again, why should it? It’s clear from the opening interview that this is a young man with a lot of charisma and even more sexual energy; and, given the magical performances that we’ve already seen from him in front of camera, he’s clearly a fellow who has a deep-seated streak of exhibitionism running through his veins.

Actually, we defy anyone not to be totally and utterly enamoured of this horny little Latvian, whose idea of a good time is sneaking a quick wank whenever the fancy takes him. Fortunately for us, it’s a fancy that seems to come to mind one hell of a lot; and it seems only all too characteristic for him to strip out of his swimming trunks in the locker-room so that he can work that thick, meaty, uncut shaft that he keeps stuffed between his legs. And let’s face it, who the fuck could ever hope to resist that manly ramrod given half the opportunity of being formally (or even informally!) introduced to it?

On this particular occasion, of course, it’s very much a case of hand-relief all round; but it’s a fine opportunity for us to savour every inch of that hooded beauty, and we suspect there’ll be more than just a few loads of pent-up spunk spilled by guys the world over in appreciation of it. Many, no doubt, not too dissimilar from the cum-shot here – a copious geyser of cum from a man very much in his prime!