Christmas. A time for expressing your love to your nearest and dearest – a sentiment that STAXUS favourites, Jaro Stone and Yuri Adamov, are only too keen to demonstrate in this terrific festive encounter. And, unlike a good many gifts that we find under the tree on Christmas morning, this pair of cock-hungry beauties doesn’t disappoint! Not that you’d ever expect them to, of course, given their reputation for producing some of the hottest twink action around; and needless to say it’s barely sixty seconds before Adamov is firmly ensconced between Stone’s legs and is giving his buddy’s oversized missile-launcher the kind of heavy-lipped attention that it unquestionably deserves.

Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest here, this is one horny young Russian who very clearly can’t get enough of Slavic dick; and having enjoyed a top-notch session of energetic 69-ing against a twinkling backdrop of fairy lights, he’s ready to ride every rock hard inch that Stone can fire in his direction. Like a bitch in season, this boy grinds his raw, open ass down on his mate’s ramrod with characteristic gusto; before turning around and inviting Stone to pound away to his heart’s content from behind!

No question about it, you’re gonna just love seeing these two adorable Christmas angels giving it all they’ve got in the quest for seasonal satisfaction; and rest assured it isn’t long before Adamov is knocking out a well-deserved load of pent-up twink goo! Leaving Stone to splatter his heavy wad all around his mate’s mouth – Adamov happily slurping away on the spent shaft!