The legendary Brian Brower wasn’t always the platinum-blond bombshell that we grew to know and love – he was originally a dark-haired skater-boy, as this scene bears testimony. One thing about him never changed, however – namely the fact that he was a cock-lovin’, ass-adorin’ fucker, who could quite honestly never, ever get enough sex! That, of course, was what made him so amazingly popular during the mid-2000s – not only with gay audiences, who never seemed to tire of his bad boy antics, but with his fellow performers, who always knew they were in for a fucking good time when they were with him on-set.

On this particular occasion it’s young Don Colin who’s the lucky young thing – a cheeky little chappy who literally can’t wait to toss his skateboard to one side so that he can put all his attention on Brower’s handsome ramrod. Suffice it to say that he’s not disappointed when he unwraps the straining monster from the confines of Brower’s boxers. Nor does he appear to display any complaints when Brower returns the fantastic blow-job with a rigorous performance of his own.

But the escapade only really reaches boiling point when Brower finally decides to focus on his buddy’s ass-hole; first energetically fingering Colin’s tight little pucker, then thrusting his thick, uncut schlong deep into the fellow’s guts. Given the intensity of the encounter it’s probably little wonder that Brower is soon at the point of no return – sweat literally dripping from his forehead as he creams his mate’s face! Before Colin promptly follows on with a spunky facial all of his own!