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Big Is Better, Sc.1: Swimming Buddies Head Out Of The Water For A Hot, Raw Fuck! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 14/May/2017
Duration: 26 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


No question about it, Jaro Stone and Angel Lopez are such a fucking hot pair of horned-up beauties that you could surely quite literally sit and watch the duo splashing about in the water all day; but the fact of the matter is that they’re never the sort of boys who can play too innocent for long. Indeed, you won’t find yourself having to wait more than a minute or two before both beauties are out of their swimming trunks and engaging in somewhat suggestive play; which soon leads to the guys smooching away in anticipation of a decidedly hardcore session.

Not unnaturally, of course, given the nature of their characters and the fact that Lopez in particular is quite simply a living, breathing cock-whore, it’s no time at all before the initial round of vigorous dick-munching has given way to an energetic session of sodomy; with Lopez eagerly parting his legs so that his butt can accommodate the full length of Stone’s infamous poleaxe. And to his credit, the young lad takes every fucking inch like the pro that he is; getting buggered raw in a whole series of positions, whilst taking intermittent breaks to slurp on his buddy’s cock as if to keep reminding himself (if indeed it was ever needed!) that Stone’s beautiful buttpicker is actually for real.

No need to worry about that though, boy. Our Stone is as one hundred percent legit as the day is long; and having finally secured his place cowboy-style on the summit of the fellow’s cock, it’s no wonder that Lopez is soon spurting like a fountain in sweet appreciation. Before finally allowing Stone to unload a fine wad all over his face!

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Cute boys in a waist of time scene. Not my cup of tea this time, what a pity indeed!

bently, 14/May/2017

2 of my favorite models in a nice and well filmed scene with some cum eating at the end as bonus. May be not the best swimming demonstration but for the olympic sex games they are ready!

Jerry, 14/May/2017

Nice scene...these guys are so cute...I love the kissing, at the end a very passionate kiss, lovely, ...dr

❤dr , 14/May/2017

Cute boys put on a really nice show. The bareback fucking is the best ever. Angel has a sexy ass, and it would have been a little better if he'd been rimmed. But a 5 star video for me as Angel and Jaro are special and I love all the fucking between them. More videos by both performers please!

Ryan, 14/May/2017

Yeah, Angel returned. He is sexier than ever. Paired with Jaro it was an enjoyment for every second of this stuff to watch

Chris, 14/May/2017

Angel is a beauty, but not realy into this lovemaking. For a time he even doesn't have a hard-on. I watched this scene several times, but it doesn't work. Again cute boys, but.....I realy miss something.....There is no fire in the water or on the hopeless couch between these two, and that shows. Both do their job..... Hélas! I need joy and excitement with the twinks, that works, not a job done..., sorry to say. This pairing didn't work!

bently, 14/May/2017

@bently...this is where we seem to be often with the same opinion..handsome beauttiful boys but some passion missing..think with are on the same level with it...

Chris, 14/May/2017

Great pairing, Angel and Jaro are so hot and cute, well filmed scene, liked the swimming theme

Staxusfan, 16/May/2017

Hello Tommy, I'm not a blogger so I comment on your blog at this place. I still miss the passion. I miss the rimming or at least the stretching of Angels pucker. Rather harsh to penetrate right away, not so....romantic. loveable or what so ever. Further more, both boys are beauties, especially Angel........He has a beautifull butt...!

bently, 16/May/2017

Ahoj :-) For some weeks I am learning some czech language words cause I am interested in eastern europe and will travel to czech republics capital prague in the future. And it is never a mistake to communicate some czech phrases with the cute boys. Guess its an honor for them...

Chris, 18/May/2017

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