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Filthy fuckfest

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David, Tony

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 34 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


Tony and David are two muscle boys in their thirties. They're absolutely fucking filthy and cannot get enough of each other. They're enjoying every single second of their filthy fuckfest. Dave, 31, a little facial hair and Tony, dark and a bit Brazilian looking go at each other like rutting deer. They slurp, lick, grope and sniff like they're on heat. Welsh Dave has nipple rings and big tan lines and both have HUGE bodies - honestly Tony has biceps the size of someone's waist - and cock rings. Dave roughly pushes Tony over, spits on to his own cock and rams it in. It's a dirty grunting and groaning fuck with tons of verbal abuse and swearing. They swap roles and positions and manage to fuck every way you could imagine and a lot of ways you couldn't. My favourite is with Tony fucking Dave whilst Dave is basically doing a handstand. And the rimming, god, they're like dogs licking ice cream off a bowl. When David cums he gets in on his fingers and works it up Tony's hole, using it as lube. Then they move in to the shower for what is probably the single dirtiest sexual act you have ever contemplated, viewed, or participated in. David pisses on Tony. Then David pisses up Tony's arse. THEN David lies down in the bath and Tony releases Dave's piss all over him. The scene ends with some fabulous dildo play.

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Cock rings are so hot. Young twinks should try them. They are fun and good looking.

garthb, 17/August/2014

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