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Complete and utter sluts

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Chester Poole, Tonny Ross, Eamon August

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


Their fashion may be questionable, but one thing’s definitely certain: these three guys are complete and utter sluts. As quickly becomes apparent when they take time together to examine some cam-shots from the toilets in their local club. Most decently-minded persons would be horrified at the debauchery that’s taking place there – but not these lads, for whom the sight of hot guys making out simply results in them wanting to do exactly the same! Eamon August – whose blond hair has been dabbed with a patch of green dye (all in the name of fashion!) – proves himself particularly influenced by what he sees, slipping his hand into Chester Poole’s jeans and slurping on the big fat cock that he discovers inside. Needless to report, it’s not long before Tonny Ross is pushing his own swollen shaft into August’s open mouth; whilst the added kink of a sweaty trainer only adds to this young cutie’s passions. Little wonder that he can’t wait to fuck both Ross and Poole in turn, with spunk soon being pumped in all directions as a result. It’s the sight of Poole’s face dripping in jizz – courtesy of a huge load from Ross – that ultimately steals the scene, however.

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