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Kamil Fox

21 Scenes

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Model Stats:

Super handsome and correct - he is searching for Mr. Right.

Interesting Fact:
Kamil is a policeman and moonlights with us. He is very professional and works hard on every scene.

Date of birth:
9 May 1988

6'1" / 185 cm

Cock size:
7.5" / 19 cm



17: 24
14: 14

Super twink bottom!!

Kamil Fox, Matt Woody, Tom Smith

18: 45

Butt stretched to the max

Kamil Fox, Justin Kingsley, Dylan North

12: 42

A facial of cum & piss!

Kamil Fox, Kamil Fox, Jacob, BishopSemirAl Bakir, Julien Heath

9: 44

Fresh military talent

Kamil Fox, Julien Heath, Kamil Fox, Jacob Bishop, Semir Al Bakir

3: 13

Short but sweet

Kamil Fox, Gavin Hitchman, Kamil Fox, Alex Grander, Falco White

18: 51

Deflowered by soldiers

Kamil Fox, Gregor Clark, Kamil Fox, Alex Grander

37: 04

Stunning, nad-draining orgy

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