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Deflowered by soldiers

4.5/5 (Total votes: 6)


Fetish, Medical


Gregor Clark, Kamil Fox, Alex Grander

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


Is the Czech Republic a military state? Are not “innocent” citizens allowed to go about their everyday business without the threat of being interfered with by members of the military? Not in this particular quarter of Prague, that’s for sure, as young Gregor Clark – a Pole, as it happens – encounters Kamil Fox and Alex Grander. Demanding his identity papers, which Clark doesn’t possess, they immediately bundle him into the nearest toilet-block and ask him to suck their cocks. Then they take turns at his tight virgin ass, before both finally emptying their sacs all over his sweet little face. It’s a brutal, uncompromising deflowering, that’s for sure, and one that’ll get most of our fans into a cum-stained lather. For sure, one of the highlights of the whole film…

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