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A very randy pair of work-mates

3.8/5 (Total votes: 4)


Paul Wilkinson, Preston Matthews

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 13 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know what workmen are like. The minute your back is turned they’re up to all sorts of tricks – supping beer, chatting about last night’s football, and (as is the case in this particular instance) sucking each other’s thick, uncut cocks! Preston Matthews makes a much-welcome return from the first instalment of FIT LADS as one half of a very randy pair of work-mates who literally can’t keep their hands off each other once their boss has left them to their daily tasks. Indeed, the guy’s hardly out of the door when they’re tugging down their pants and gorging on the juicy meat inside. Not that young Matthews is content with his colleague’s knob-end tickling the back of his throat. As in the original, he’s not truly happy until he’s bouncing up and down on someone’s lap – a desire that the copiously hung Wilkinson is only too willing to fulfil, stuffing the young scally’s ass to the max before squirting spunk in every direction!

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