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Prison-cell cum-sodden love-in

4.1/5 (Total votes: 7)
Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 15 minutes, 35 seconds
Comments: 25


Sharing a prison-cell with someone you don’t know from Adam can’t be much fun – unless, of course, you just so happen to click for someone who really understands your sexual needs. Fortunately for Robin Few, that’s exactly what our hero finds in Jimmy Call – a fabulously charming blond lad, who’s quite literally hung like a donkey and has the sort of libido that ensures that the cold and lonely hours of incarceration do not remain that way for very long. Call’s insatiable sexual appetite quickly ensures that he’s soon laid out on his bunk with his legs in the air – an open invitation that Few (not surprisingly) fails to shun. The sight of Few’s bubble-butt pounding away into Call’s rump is an undeniable highlight. As is that of both lads spewing teen-spunk for all its worth.