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Robin Few

10 Scenes

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3.6/5 (Total votes: 17)

Model Stats:

He’s as cute and fresh as a new button, with the kind of libido that most of us would kill for and a versatility that is every porn director’s dream. Is it really any wonder that Robin Few was a hit with fans and directors alike from the very first moment that he stepped in front of a camera? What’s more, it’s a popularity that never once seems to have waned. With a quite insatiable personality and a hunger for stardom that literally twinkles from his eyes, this is a boy that dominates each and every scene he performs in – not least of all because it’s blatantly obvious as to how much he loves dick. To think that he so nearly decided not to have a career in the industry – a decision that would’ve been a real loss to everyone concerned, not least of all you filthy-minded Staxus viewers. Fortunately for all concerned, Few’s near-accidental trip into the world of gay fornication has served as the mainstay for scene after scene of hardcore filth – all of which you can enjoy on this site right now!

Interesting Fact:
At a bar he often orders a cumshot. He regularly gets more than just the drink.

Date of birth:
2nd March 1989

5'11" / 180 cm

Cock size:
7" / 17.8 cm