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The first full morning of sex

4.6/5 (Total votes: 5)


Marco Bill, Fanny Duke

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 17 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know, of course, that waking up next to Marco Bill can only mean one thing – namely that you’re gonna be expected to open up every hole going in order to accommodate Bill’s insatiable, ass-hungry cock – but did anyone warn the rather curiously named Fany Duke of this fact? Not that this gorgeous cock-lover appears in any way incapable of holding his own when it comes to servicing the sort of thick, veiny, uncut shaft that Bill has throbbing away in his crotch first thing in a morning; indeed, he’s soon feeding off the monster like a being possessed, slurping off Bill’s knob-end as if next month’s rent-cheque depends on it – which it probably does! Little wonder that the youngster finds it ultimately impossible to hold off from spewing the entire contents of his balls shortly afterwards – an act that Bill clearly takes as his cue to give his young compatriot a real good fucking! Ultimately resulting in Duke’s ass being filled to the brim with copious quantities of thick, creamy spunk. Fabulous!

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great visuals, but hate the poorly dubbed repetitive sound track

cdrd, 06/September/2012

Marco Bill actually comes twice in this video. Once when he and Fanny Duke are 69ing, and again when he's fucking Fanny at the end of the video and shoots his stuff into Fanny's gaping arsehole. A super hot video with two gorgeous boys really into each other.

Alan Lowe, 13/June/2013

FULL morning sex without rimming????? Forget it tha'ts not FULL sex !!!

noelweets, 13/July/2013

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