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5-way poolboy gang-bang

3.6/5 (Total votes: 5)


Milos Zambu, Joe Parkes, Jesse Shaw, Teddy Green, Chris Vipurs

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 31 minutes, 2 seconds
Comments: 25


The presence of blond-wonder, Martin Corvin, is enough to give any scene a potentially explosive ingredient, but in this instance it’s made all the hotter by including him in a poolside orgy with the likes of Joe Parkes (who we’ve only just seen wiping cum from his eyes in the previous scene) and Jesse Shaw. Nevertheless, we defy anyone not to savour the sight of Corvin getting his cute little asshole pounded, whilst the other lads jerk themselves off in similar appreciation. Indeed, Corvin’s pucker is pretty much an open door where cock’s concerned, which explains why he’s so eager to get so many of those thick, meaty schlongs into him, bouncing away like a common whore on one ramrod after another. The fact that he does so without so much as a single condom in sight makes the occasion all the more terrific; but it’s possibly the sight of him taking load after sticky load of sperm over his face and body that’ll really get to you!

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Great group sex !!!

noelweets, 04/June/2013 many Speedos, so little time.

existenz, 14/January/2014

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BigBoy, 19/February/2017

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CryingFreeManCGN, 27/March/2017

404 Not Found. Seems this file has been missing for a while by the comments. Do you read them Staxus?

BigBoy, 08/May/2017

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frenchtoy, 19/August/2017

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