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Hot, horny german twink

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Peter Till , Zaho Sebastian Mann

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


He has all the mannerisms of an arrogant, self-conceited twink, not least of all when he prompts Peter Till to take off his shirt whilst he himself continues to chat aimlessly on the phone, but there’s still something undeniably irresistible about Zaho Sebastian Mann. The fact is that he knows exactly what he wants – in this case, Till’s throbbing cock between his butt-cheeks! – and it’s little wonder that the visitor to his office is so keen to do his bidding. Who could resist that slim, lithe frame and those sapphire blue eyes, after all? As such, the two almost hairless youngsters are soon 69-ing each other across Mann’s desk; until Mann’s delicate little butt-hole becomes the sole focus of Till’s attention. It’s no time at all from that point before the young German is taking every straining inch of Till’s ramrod – ultimately resulting in him unburdening his tight nads across his own belly. Don’t think that’s the end of Mann’s afternoon of pleasure, however; as he promptly kneels down and allows Till to wank off across his face, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he does so.

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