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Fabulously toned and generously equipped

3.9/5 (Total votes: 9)
Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 27 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


The arrival of the fabulously toned and generously equipped Zack Hood into any flick surely signifies that a film means serious business. Add the living legend that is Kamil Fox and the twinkish delights of Philippe Delvaux, then set the action in the confines of a toilet block, and you really do have the makings of a would-be classic. Indeed, this is a scene that (on paper at least) has cum-stains written all over it! What’s more, it doesn’t for one moment disappoint. Hood for his part is at his totally arrogant best, pushing young Delvaux about the room and rubbing his cock against the Belgian’s rump in preparation for some hard fucking to come. Whilst Fox for his part has lost none of his manly charm in front of camera. The result is a truly mind-blowing – and, more to the point, ball-blowing! – escapade, culminating in the terrific moment when Hood and Fox simultaneously spurt their jizz all over Delvaux’s cheeky young face. A definite must-see that’ll have you tugging on your skin time and time again!

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