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Condom-free shenanigans HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 10)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 16 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


Cute, blond and looking every inch as vulnerable as a young pup can look, Jimmy Snyder doesn’t take too kindly to Aslan Brutti’s uninvited attentions. Unfortunately for the poor boy, the fact that he’s tied to a chair at the start of this scene means that he doesn’t really have a great deal of choice in the matter.

Indeed, Brutti’s soon thrusting that thick, meaty, uncut cock of his down Snyder’s throat – something that the youngster initially balks at, but which the lad is soon engaging in with a remarkable deal of enthusiasm. Seems like he’s not so adverse to a bit of cock action as he’d have others believe. In response, Brutti is soon sucking away on Snyder’s knob; before insisting that his partner takes a good long rest – on his aching, unsheathed dick!

Cue a fabulous session of condom-free shenanigans that results in the blond’s hungry hole getting stretched to high heaven from pretty much every direction imaginable; before Brutti finally unburdens himself of a heavy load of pent-up spunk and piss into Snyder’s well-used hole. Little wonder that the young bottom ruptures a healthy wad of his own in the process – as indeed we’re sure you will at the same time!