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A locker-room porn coupling!

3.7/5 (Total votes: 29)


John Parker, Mark Hitchman

Duration: 21 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25
Director: Vlado Iresch


It’s usually a groin injury that directors use as the traditional device to begin a locker-room porn coupling, but in this instance Vlado Iresch goes for an injured toe – one that blond bombshell, Mark Hitchman, is only too keen to thrust in stud-muffin John Parker’s direction at the first possible opportunity. Parker, to his credit, is equally eager to respond, dabbling in a short session of sensual toe-sucking and foot-worship before offering his now grandly oversized knob in his team-mate’s direction. The gift reciprocated, the two lads are soon engaging in a sordid top-to-toe sucking session that sees both cocks feasted upon simultaneously with unquestionable youthful relish. Ultimately, however, you can just tell that Parker won’t be satisfied until he’s asking his own shaft into Hitchman’s tight little ass; and having first rimmed and then pissed on the would-be bottom’s pucker, the tattooed beauty is soon buried balls-deep inside Hitchman’s guts. A stunning if somewhat brutal fuck-session ensues, concluded by Hitchman bursting mid-flow and Parker dumping a load right inside his ass!

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