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A real hard raw bang up HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 15)


Marco Will, Davor Gigo

Added: 03/April/2012
Comments: 25


What could possibly be better than watching a blond-haired pretty boy like Marco Will in hot, hardcore action? Yeah, we agree, it sounds a totally impossible task; but when you realise that this scene features a blond-haired pretty boy like Marco Will getting totally dominated and pushed to the limits by none other than Davor Gigo then you’ll realise that in this instance director Vlado Iresch really has managed to go one better!

Gigo, after all, is almost the very definition of an animal on heat – the kind of boy who clearly thinks of nothing else all day than getting his end away, and whose lightly tanned skin contrasts sweetly in this instance with blue-eyed Will’s pale, near-anaemic pallor. Indeed, Will is every inch the passive party here – a boy who quite literally bends over and allows Gigo to slide that thick, uncut shaft of his deep inside his butt without so much as a question asked!

Then, having had the spunk quite literally spunked out of him, he meekly kneels before Gigo and allows the top to coat his face with a generous wad of fresh, creamy spunk. It’s almost a near-pathetic display, but you’ll be jerking like crazy all the same!