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Fisted and fucked raw HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 27)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


This is a scorching threesome in every sense, but there’s no doubt that bottle-blond Mike Cage is the guy you’ll remember. Why? Well, this is one young fellow who clearly thinks nothing of being the sexual play-thing of compatriots Andy Nash and Chris Reed, and who allows them to take turns to fuck him like he was a common whore!

Believe us, this lad’s ass must have been ridden sore by the time these two fuck-buddies were finished – but it’s still absolutely nothing compared to what happens once they’ve decided to test Cage’s ass-hole to the max and give that tight little crack the fisting of its life. The sight of Reed’s clenched hand working its way in and out of Cage’s pucker is quite literally something to behold; and it’s little wonder that all that furious prostate rubbing quickly brings the dirty little bottom to the point of no return.

What’s more, neither Nash or Reed remain unimpressed. Given the raging hard-ons they’ve got showing between their legs by this point they’re clearly well-taken by their pal’s performance, and it’s no great wonder when both boys take turns to splatter Cage’s face with cum! Totally perverse – but, as always, utterly fab!!

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great ending excellent fisting & cum eating by a star performer

weirdbear, 29/September/2012

This is beautiful. Any chance of Kevin Ateah getting his beautiful hole fully opened with a fist???

abbess, 31/December/2012

Mike Cage is incredible. He's very masculine looking with a big cock, yet he does extreme bottoming. A big cock up his arse is OK, but a whole fist pumping in and out is even better. And when his partner comes he likes it right on the tongue so that he can give the cock a final slimy lick.

Alan Lowe, 14/June/2013

The star of this episode is the gorgeous Mike Cage and his wonderful cock!

rich, 01/December/2013

Cute blonde lad having hot sex and I'm not normally a fan of dyed blondes... but the resolution of the standard download was appalling!

thunderball, 23/February/2014

Great to see a guy really getting off on being fisted...

Tommy14, 25/August/2014

Mike Cage is an absolute star here. He's cute, he likes sucking cock, he likes getting fucked, he loves getting a whole fist up his cute ass and he sucks up cum at the end. Great stuff man, I love this guy.

Jon, 05/January/2018

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