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Spunk-soaked fuck-fest HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 22)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 19 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


Budding photographer, Jack Cameron, puts his camera – not to mention his juicy, uncut cock! – to excellent use in the company of wannabe model, Tom Nutt, whose photogenic nature appears only to be matched by his unbridled libido. Indeed, it’s not long before the horny blond has winged his way into Cameron’s affections (and ours) by parading that awesome bubble-butt in front of the lens, tempting the would-be member of the paparazzi into a fireside smooch that’ll have you reaching for your zippers in filthy appreciation. As we all know by now, of course, neither Cameron nor Nutt are renowned for their coyness when it comes to matters of the crotch – and so it proves once again here as the two twink-sluts manhandle each other’s dicks and suck on all that hard flesh as if it’s going out of fashion. The sight of them 69-ing serves as an added mark-up to proceedings; yet we reckon it’ll be that of Nutt being banged from behind that’ll ultimately etch its way onto the back of your retinas! That, and the unquestionably filthy finale when Nutt erupts in the process of being fucked and then promptly turns round to take Cameron’s wad in the mouth!

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This is worth 5 just for Tom Nutt (aka Leon Fortin) 's dick & bum.

Wayne73, 03/December/2014

I sure wish Jack Cameron would do more work with you guys. Holy fuck I always found him so fucking hot it's not even funny! Wonder what he looks like now...

Robby, 07/July/2015

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