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A host of stiff cock HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 05/April/2012
Duration: 72 minutes, 50 seconds
Comments: 25


An orgy scene is only ever as good as the guys who are on the receiving end of all the hard cock on offer – and nowhere more so than in a scene like this, where there’s only one main bottom and where all the sexual energy (not to mention the dick!) is pretty much aimed in a single direction. Fortunately for director, John Smith, young blondie, Zaho Sebastian Mann, doesn’t disappoint for one moment, as he embarks on a pre-wedding fiesta of sucking and fucking that’ll have you reaching for the remote again and again and dumping a succession of pent-up loads in the process. The reality of the situation, of course, is that Mann is a natural slut of the highest magnitude – a boy from the school of hard fucks who was literally born to fulfil the role here, and who clearly thinks nothing of being passed from one horny top to the next in a succession of ball-bustin’ spit-roasts. As a result, Jack Rider’s own performance in the background is something of a sideshow, as the likes of Ennio Guardi, Lukas Leung Sam Brooks and Marty Love stretch the German blond almost to the breaking-point. Needless to say, there’s an almost Biblical display of jizz at the scene’s finale, as cock after cock unloads an appreciative wad of man-juice!

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hot group

gui, 21/December/2012

You're right, Zaho doesn't even seem to notice whose cock is up his arse, he's so busy sucking other boys' knobs. It would be better if he at least recognised a new entry, perhaps with a gasp or a turn of his head. But he's paid back for his indifference at the end with a really hot bukkake scene, when he's totally spattered with thick white boy-slime.

Alan Lowe, 29/August/2013

Sebastian zaho mann is the hot, love all of his scenes, here and older ones not here.

robyrob1, 21/October/2014

Easily the hottest orgy scene ever put out by Staxus. Zaho is amazing.

fuckworthy, 01/November/2014

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