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Tagging threesome HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 7)


Andy Nash, Jack Cameron, Damian Driek

Added: 06/April/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


The cops view tagging as vandalism, so it’s no surprise that those who engage in the “art” spend much of their time avoiding the police. The buzz of avoidance, however, leaves both Andy Nash and Jack Cameron in need of some alternative high, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the two lads are soon ripping off each other’s clothes and feasting off each other’s thick, straining dicks!

What they really need, however, is some filthy-minded, cock-crazed bottom to serve as a spit-roast for their mutual satisfaction, which of course explains the enthusiasm with which the lads welcome the sudden interruption of Damian Driek, a fellow tagger whose love for daubing the local vicinity with paint is matched only by his unquenchable lust for hard dick!

As such it’s no surprise that the lad is soon enjoying the feel of Nash’s knob from behind, before straddling Cameron’s rampant ass-stretcher and taking his daily quota of exercise in the form of a condom-free bang session! It’s enough to make a young man dump his load twice in quick succession – an achievement that almost goes unnoticed by Nash and Cameron, who are too busy rupturing their own nads all over Driek!

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