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Oodles of jizz on fresh flesh HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 3)


Ash Williams, Kaden Tate

Added: 13/April/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


After a hard day’s graft it’s only natural that a young man wants to head for the showers to wash away all that grime and sweat from his cute, lithe body. Then again, it’s also only natural that he should attract the attention of another fellow worker, slightly taller with blond highlights, whose intention appears not to be so much as wanting to wash himself down as wishing to take full advantage of the meaty uncut cock on offer. And let’s be honest, who the fuck can blame this guy? We defy anyone not to do exactly the same as what is portrayed here, with the blonder fellow slipping down to floor level so as he can work his lips up and down the entire length of the young tattooed fellow’s closely-shaved knob-end. Not that he’s ever likely to be content with just a bit of oral, of course. No, this schlong-hungry punk isn’t happy until he’s been asked down across the changing room benches and is having his ass-hole well and truly pummelled by his cropped-haired workmate, taking every inch available like a compliant bitch. A rampant set-piece that only comes to a conclusion when neither lad is able to take any more and each fire generous wads all over their own hairless torsos.