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Pizza boy's payment in kind HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 02/June/2012
Duration: 23 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


Who’d want to be a pizza delivery boy for this bunch of horny fuckers? Not Mike Cage, that’s for sure, as he’s confronted by a trio in the shape of Martin Love, Johan Volny and Paris Neeo. Unfortunately for him, he never really stands a chance, as his feet are strapped high into the air and his arms to the bottom of the bed – rendering him completely at the mercy of the sick threesome, who promptly proceed to lube and abuse his ass. Beginning with the insertion of a collection of billiard balls and a whole raft of inquisitive (not to mention beer-coated) fingers. To his credit, Cage appears to keep a smile on his face throughout, no matter how many dildos his new-found friends try to stick up his ass at the same time – three being the max – but by the time he’s being double-fucked by Neeo and Love you can’t help feeling for the guy. Not that his abuse ends there, as he’s then furiously fisted; before everyone takes turns to spunk over the lad’s pizza so that they can oblige Cage to eat it with its tasty additional topping! Altogether, it’s an unquestionably sick fiesta of hardcore sex that’ll have all you evil fans out there tossing off time and again!

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very nice boysw!!!

ailton, 23/September/2012


jockstrapboys, 28/September/2012


gaspy, 29/December/2012

Mike Cage has an amazing strong asshole. A lot of toys in his ass without screaming and he enjoy it. Great performance Mike, Johan, Martin and Paris !!!

noelweets, 02/December/2013

would love a session with Mike Cage

chupollas, 23/December/2014

wow....I can't understand how an ass can take such punishment without doing damage ....let alone enjoying it....all I can say is OUCH!!!!

lonesomeinkc, 26/January/2015

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