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A continual diet of raw cock HD

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Added: 04/May/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 9 seconds
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Everyone in Prague knows just how much of a manwhore young Sam Brooks is, so it’s perhaps not altogether surprising that his residency at the school is marked by a continual diet of raw cock and hot spunk. Demonstrated all too clearly here in an encounter with Jon Roz, a young man who’s only too eager and willing to respond to Brooks’ advances and who certainly doesn’t show any reticence when it comes to allowing the lad to hang slurping off the end of his knob. Brooks, of course, is a dab-hand at pleasuring a guy, feasting off Roz’s meat with undeniable relish; then presenting his pal with his hungry ass-hole as if it were a sacrificial offering. Roz, for his part, isn’t about to turn the opportunity down. Before you know it, Brooks is bouncing up and down on his mate’s ramrod like the veritable whore that he is – a stunning vision of raw, no-holds-barred sex that’ll blow your mind (if not your load)! As if to underline his credentials as a slut, Brooks then allows Roz to spurt directly into his face, before splattering the contents of his own balls all over his uniform.

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jockstrapboys, 13/September/2012

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