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Raw black cock HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 10/June/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


There was a time – no so long ago – when the idea of a white guy mixing with a black man (even in simple everyday social terms) was regarded as taboo. The thought of them having sex – not to mention black cock penetrating pert white ass – was a taboo in the extreme. But how the world has changed, as young, sweet-faced Tim Law discovers as he’s confronted face-to-face with the enormity of Tyler Johnson’s skyward-turned knob-end. Hey, a few generations back Johnson’s ancestors would’ve been working the dirt to keep Law’s forefathers in pampered luxury; but Law displays no such supremacist views as he worships the black dude’s hugely superior cock with his eager twink mouth, stretching his lips and throat to the max. Finally, the kinky moment we’ve all been waiting for, as the camera captures in glorious detail the sight of Johnson’s monstrous raw black mamba slipping into Law’s hungry ass, signalling the start of a ball-busting union that’ll have you jerking like fury! The cute white-boy never stands a chance, and it’s not long before he’s taking a furious blast of French negro seed all over his face. Equal rights have never looked so good!

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I think Tim is enjoying his anal destruction. Tyler is super hot with a big, beautiful cock.

JohnnyO, 18/July/2012

why you have to point out the obvi when there's someone of color in a porn vid? why can't it be just b hot guys enjoying each other?

R0g, 03/January/2013

Je suis d'accord avec ROG, pourquoi ne pas dire, mec très chaud avec énorme bite. Tim Law aime beaucoup la monumentale bite de Tyler. Tim gémis de plaisir de recevoir cette grosse bite. Merci pour cette belle vidéo.

guibus, 06/January/2013

Yeah I had am issue with the write up here as well..This is just fucking HOT PORN! I loved watching Tim get impaled!

DeWayne in San Diego, 31/March/2013

You have created a beautiful scene with two great models who seem to be really into one another. I know porn is fantasy and I know we live in a infinitely racist and color-struck world but for just one moment it would be nice to truly enjoy the merit of this hot scene raw male sexuality without the weight of the ugly racist baggage of the recent past and in many cases of the more subtle present dragging us all down. Kudos for a hot scene though!!!

Ringwraith44, 23/July/2013

My favourite interracial porn of all time. Loved the creampie towards the end.

DILF, 01/March/2014

Tim Law looks so innocent in that blue stripped shirt even though his chest is being stroked by Tyler. Then as Tyler pulls out his massive cock poor Tim looks totally stunned as if he were to say “I think it’s too damn big for me.” But then Tim goes after that pole with wild lust. Tim is a steaming hot sexual animal, the best in the business. Bravo!

Patrick, 23/September/2014

I was never into interracial sex, it always really turned me off. But this bareback scene with Tim and Tyler really got my attendtion - I might be changing my mind about black blokes....

Barry, 05/September/2015

I want to see more of this kind of content. This is why I keep coming back. Excellent production!! Thank you!!

Joe, 07/April/2017

Tyler is a dream cum true and cute little Tim tries to enjoy it as much as he can !

montrealmike, 15/February/2018

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