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A nose for a good fuck HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 14/August/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


You’ve gotta say that for Chavs – they always seem to have a nose for a good fuck. As ably demonstrated here by young Luke Desmond, who arrives at the local football club with almost psychic knowledge of floppy-haired blond Kai Alexander’s need of a hard rub-down. Not that Desmond’s knowledge of massage seems to extend much beyond groping the young footballer’s crotch, but what he discovers in those tight, sweaty quarters is more than enough to convince him that Alexander’s ripe for the picking.

And indeed so it proves, with the kit-boy almost immediately responding by taking Desmond’s gorgeous cock in his hungry mouth for some deep-throated gobbling – quite an achievement given the dimensions involved. Thereupon anticipate a fine display by both lads as they 69 over the massage bench; before Alexander parts his legs for the fucking of his life.

Fuck knows how he takes every inch of Desmond’s monster – you almost half-expect it to come popping out of the poor guy’s mouth! – but the footballer proves himself to be more than adept at handling a big dick; before each chap spews copious amounts of baby-brew to seal a famous victory!

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Sorry, this scene does absoluty nothing for me (or my dick). I do not find the bottom attractive with hair that looks like a haystack.. Get a decent haircut! Also, I hate it when models fuck with their socks still on. Socks always off!! I like Luke Desmond but not in this scene. There is no real chemistry between the two models. Dear powers that be at Staxus: use your money wisely and buy Luke Desmond a ticket to the Czech Republic and let him fuck some horny Czech twinks just like you did with Lloyd Adams.

Dutch Dude, 14/August/2012

hi luke will probably be on a plane at the end of this month so you will see the results soon thanks steve

steve, 04/September/2012

Luke has a BEAUTIFUL BIG cock! Gotta love it and him.

dennis, 05/October/2012

Luke's cock is gorgeous!

rob, 05/October/2012

Love this scene - both lads are gorgeous (love Luke anyway) and the socks make it!!

Jase, 26/October/2012

Like to see Luke fucking Kai. Luke has a beautiful cock, and Kai a great long body and a great asshole to eat and fuck.

WTXBEAR, 30/November/2015

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