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Smooth Young Twinks Get Their Boy-Cunts Brutally Banged! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 26)
Added: 24/August/2012
Duration: 31 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


With absolutely no disrespect intended to director Michael Burling, it’s pretty damn obvious that this scene’s gonna score big time even before the lads have left the field after the game and headed for the locker-room. After all, it’s a veritable cornucopia of gay sporting fantasy. What’s more, it includes some of the sexiest, horniest Brit twinks in the business – boys that you could quite easily fall in love with there and then, and whose sexual antics you could easily watch forever without ever tiring.

Picking a favourite from the five lads is a somewhat difficult task given that all the boys are as cute as new buttons and decidedly blessed on the cock front; but Luke Desmond’s dick is (as always) an unmistakable monster, which in this instance gives young Drake Law’s ass a real good workout, whilst Aaron Aurora’s spit-roasting at the hands (or more accurately the cocks!) of Skylar Blu and Jonny Parker serves as a truly unforgettable focal point to the debauchery.

There’s always gonna be someone who quibbles otherwise, but we defy the vast majority not to have dumped a generous wad long before these boys declare a wrap with their cascade of jizz!

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I don't want to sound like a bitch but this lengthy orgy scene is disappointing. It lacks the real intensity that draws the viewer into the action. If I compare this scene with some of the locker room orgies that were filmed by Vlado Iresch for Staxus in the past then his scenes are so much better. If you have a cast of 5 reasonably hot guys I expect something better than this. I really missed some hot/dirty talking in this orgy, something which maybe would have engaged the viewer more with the action. Perhaps the lack of intensity is also caused by the fact that only one camera is used to shoot this scene. Two cameras looks to me the minimum requirement to film an orgy. You'll get more and better footage which will come in handy during the editing process (especially for mixing sex action and model's faces which I found seriously lacking in this scene). Talking about the editing process: do I want to see a model frantically jacking off for more than two minutes (!) to produce a cumshot? It is not something I find attractive two watch. A good editor knows that 2 minutes is far too long. Also, there were some strange moments when Luke fucked Skylar that should have been edited out. I recognize real hot gay sex when I see it on my screen. Unfortunately the locker room scenes that you released this past week do not fall into that category.

Dutch Dude, 25/August/2012

Very good to see Aaron Aurora get spit-roasted, my favourite part of the scene, that boy is excellent to watch, he can take it all!

memesteve, 21/November/2012

DRAKE LAW is the real star here. HIS RAW POTENTIAL AS A TEEN SLUT is incredible. Make more use of his hole: spread that ass and put tongues deep in there. He should be serving cock and balls and riding hard dicks. Please give us as much of Drake Law as possible.

abbess, 01/January/2013

...agree that Aaron Aurora is a hot little guy and I would say that he is the only saving grace in this slow-moving orgy scene. Not even the fact that all 5 guyz are young goodlooking and costumed in soccer uniforms nor my fantasy that they're highschoolers could get me thru more than 11 min! Next!

michaelPh8, 31/March/2013

Needs more Drake Law

donald, 20/February/2015

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